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Pre-operative instructions

  1. If you have a history of pain control issues please let us know.
  2. Wear loose comfortable clothing that is easy to get over a bulky dressing.
  3. Please make arrangements for someone to drive you home. This is a requirement for any anesthetic other than local anesthesia only.
  4. Acrylic nails may cause an increased risk of infection as they decrease the effectiveness of cleansing agents. We leave to your discretion whether you choose to leave artificial nails on or remove them.

Day of Surgery:

  • Swelling and bruising in the wrist, hand, and fingers is normal postoperatively.
  • If dressing in too tight, then you may gently unravel the Tan ace bandage and rewrap to tolerance.
  • Numbness from local anesthesia should resolve within 4-24hrs. Waxing and waning pain is appropriate postop.

Post op Day 5:

  • Remove post op dressing and replace with simple non-occlusive dressing for protection.
  • It is okay for sutures to break. Broken suture may be removed if it is pulled out with light pressure.
  • Do NOT cut out your own sutures as this can leave non-absorbable material under your skin.
  • Incision Care:
    • Gentle soap and water only
    • No alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or topical creams.

Post-operative instructions

  • Keep your operative hand elevated when possible above your heart to control pain and swelling. This may be necessary for 7 to 10 days.
  • Call if you experience any excessive swelling, bleeding, pain or drainage. Also call for any loss of color or sensation in the surgical area.
  • Keep your dressing clean, dry and intact. Follow specific discharge orders in regards to management of your surgical dressing. 
  • Use your pain medication as prescribed.  You may use over the counter Advil (ibuprofen) or Aleve (naproxyn) in addition to, or in place of narcotic pain medication per the instructions on the bottle. Do not add Tylenol. Do NOT exceed the prescribed dose.

Post-operative - Therapy: You may need to schedule a therapy appointment for timeline notated on Postoperative surgery.  Call 865-425-4388. Please note therapy may need to begin before your first post-operative visit with Dr. Branham. 

Your Post-operative appoint:   If you do not have a follow up visit, please call 865-483-8478.

If you have further non-emergent questions and concerns please email [javascript protected email address] or call 865-690-4861